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Premium Fuel Additive

Advanced Fuel Technology Made In Australia

Keeping New Engines New

Keeping Older Engines Living Longer

DXP Premium Fuel Additive is an affordable all fuel enhancer which protects your engine, reduces fuel consumption, significantly lowers emissions, increases engine power, reduces engine noise, cleans fuel systems, reduces fuel system component wear, kills algae and removes moisture.

Cost Effective

Increase your fuel efficient and save money.

A little bit goes along way


Reduce your vehicles emissions footprint

Bio-organic oil-based Compounds


Formulated, developed and bottled for over 30 years right here in Australia

  • Improved Fuel Efficiency up to and above 10%
  • Minimises DPF Issues, Extends DPF Life
  • Cleans Fuel System and Injectors
  • Reduces Particulates & Black Smoke
  • Biological Growth Eliminated
  • Emulsifies and Removes Moisture
  • Reduced Engine Wear, Increased Engine Life
  • Reduced Foaming and Collapse Time
  • Oil Based Lubricants’
  • ​Increased Engine Power and Torque ​
  • Reduced Engine Noise
  • Enhances and Supports Common Rail Systems
  • Reduced Loading on Engine Oil
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Can be used as a lead replacement
  • Ash-less Organic Innovation
  • Stabilises Fuel, Increases Storage Life
  • No Alcohols, Minerals or Metals

Industry Pricing

We are expanding our product Nationally and Globally and invite you to get in touch to customize a wholesale pricing structure to suit your business needs.

Proud Members of the Green Marine Organisation

Striving to make the world a better place

Steel Shield Premium Lubricant

Performance, Power and Protection

  • A bio-organic-chemical formula product
  • A virtual elimination of frictional wear
  • Significant cooling of the entire lubricated area yielding
  • Reduction of heat, friction and debris
  • Treats, rehardens and protects the metal surface
  • Responsive and Powerful
  • Extends the life of your machine double and even more
  • Saves maintenance costs & downtime
  • Higher Energy savings 
  • Improves the overall functionality of your machinery