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About DXP

DXP is a fully Australian engineered innovation with 100% Australian ownership and manufacturing. A family run business with a background in agriculture, enthusiast 4WD and motorhome travellers.

Development of DXP began in response to the removal of the lubricants and combustion agents in fuels that were harmful to humans and the environment, sulphur and lead. It was recognised that a product was needed to not only lubricate but to enhance fuel back to the best it can be. This process created a product that surpasses all industry and Australian standards for a premium fuel.

The objective was to produce a product which delivered predictable equipment longevity, optimum availability and maximum reliability for asset intense operations.

All premium diesel at the bowser is diesel fuel with an additive included. Currently there are no industry standards or regulations about what levels of improvement that additive constitutes. We focused on a product that could make the cheapest fuel better than anything you can purchase, and for less cost.

Todays enhanced fuel systems are becoming more sensitive to the condition of the fuel that is used. DXP in petrol or diesel engines creates results that you can rely on to be consistent with every fuel load. While petrol engines differ in some issues to diesel fuel, the enhancements to performance and engine protection are just as noticeable. Removal of moisture, increased lubricity, cleaning of the fuel lines and injectors, creating a more even and sustained, complete combustion process. All these aspects assist in promoting a quieter, cleaner engine, a reduction to emissions, savings to fuel consumption, protecting your engine while improving power and performance.

DXP is an ash-less organic innovation with no minerals, metals or alcohols. It was designed to enhance the wear protection of fuel system components, particularly injectors and injector pumps, and maintain premium fuel properties and performance.

Why DXP Works so well