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This technology uses only premium compounds to enhance all diesel and petrol fuel to its greatest potential, regardless of how degraded the quality of the fuel is.

There are no chemicals, minerals or metals in DXP, it is non-hazardous and non-combustible. Safe for humans and the environment.

DXP has both designed and measured performance characteristics for combustion improvement, emission reductions, mechanical longevity and fuel storage.

DXP keeps the fuel storage and delivery systems at their peak, emulsifying and removing particulates that can accumulate. The affects of moisture and microbial growth are minimised, or in most cases eliminated completely.

Common Rail Fuel Systems are enhanced and performance maximised by removing the moisture, lubricating the top end and creating a more even and complete combustion..

A cost effective solution that covers all common fuel issues and surpasses all Australian and Industry standards for a Premium Fuel, for as little as 3c/Litre.

Testing and field data from 30 years helping clients

  • Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Improved Cetane (5points)/Octane (2points)
  • Biological Growth Eliminated
  • Minimise or Eliminate DPF Issues and Burn Off
  • Increased Engine Power
  • Reduced Engine Wear
  • Increased Engine life
  • Reduced Engine Noise
  • Emulsifies & Eliminates Moisture Issues
  • Superior Engine & Fuel System Protection Inc. Common Rail Systems
  • Increases Diesel & Petrol Storage Life Significantly
  • Reduced CO & Noxious Emissions
  • Reduced Particulates & Black Smoke
  • Reduced Fuel Foaming
  • Anti-Corrosive
  • Significantly Increased Injector Life and Residual Flow