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Product Reviews

We greatly appreciate those who use DXP and share their experience with others!

I own a mobile engine carbon cleaning business and I have been using DXP premium fuel additive for around 12 months now.
The Triton is running quieter, smoother and more economical than ever .
I also promote and sell DXP as part of my business and I am getting rave reviews back for DXP from my customers as well.
Thanks James and Britt, great team.
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Neal Kleinschmidt
As an owner operator a reliable and efficient prime mover is of paramount importance and of highest priority mechanically! I operate single trailer Mass Managed all over Eastern Seaboard of Australia from windy plains of S.A to steep mountains in the humid conditions of QLD.

I PROUDLY use DXP Fuel additive (2-3 litres) every month and the ECM Download in parallel with the real world bowser read out on my 2010 CAT C15 ACERT Twin Turbo 550hp 18 Speed on 4.1 Differentials has an OVERALL AVERAGE of 2.4km/Litre and TRIP AVERAGES are up .1-.2km/Litre Rather impressive for this emissions motor!

WITHOUT ADDITIVE 2.1-2.2km/Litre

One bottle does a superior job compared to the major refineries “Premium” grade diesel off bowser regardless of providers.

Pyrometer gases are up to 30 degrees cooler, motor knocking eliminated as well as being smoother and more responsive BUT MOST OF ALL the cost of DXP is recovered time and time again with the GENUINE fuel savings in the motor. If I could get it in a 200 Litre drum it would be worth every dollar 👍👍
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Julian K
“A big shout out to James & Tony. They have always been willing to answer any questions regarding their product, from chemical make up right down to packaging & shipping.
I have used DXP in my Toyota 2010 VDJ78 Troopy for over 200k trouble free kms.
I highly recommend DXP in commonrail Diesel engines, especially where sensitive injectors can be an issue.”
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Daniel TOA
I talked to James at the Albury Caravan and Camping show last year, and
purchased the fuel additive.

I have used the additive as directed since then and have had a
noticeable improvement in fuel consumption of one and a half to two
litres per 100Klm. I drive a 100 Series Toyota Landcruiser that is
approaching 20 years old.

There has also been a noticeable reduction in exhaust emissions and the
motor is running very smoothly.

I have recommended this product to several of our friends and relatives.
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I use the DXP in my 29 year old LR Discovery, I was using about 12l/100km, now down to less than 10l/100km. Also use DXP in my 34 year old Walker Mower and Atom 2 stroke edger. All my machines start very easily.
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I run DXP in my buses as it improves standard diesel into a premium product. DXP has reduced my fuel consumption by approximately 10%. The engine is running smoother and a lot quiter without the rattles you expect from a diesel. I no longer have to manually run the DPF on my Mitsubishi Rosa 25 seater buses. The fuel filters are always clean when inspected, and there are no visible smoke emissions. The tank never gets filled now without DXP going in the tank.
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Anthony Witts
we are very happy with your product. The Toyota Hilux runs much smoother.
We have recommended your product to many others, including family.
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Gareth D
I personally use DXP with amazing results. I freight fuel from Newcastle to Dubbo daily, with a Peterbilt CAT C15 550HP and averaging 1.9Km per litre. On trialing DXP I noticed the motor running smoother and quieter with more power, eg 1 gear better with less smoke emissions. My fuel average went from 1.9Km per litre u to 2.3Km per litre, a huge saving which more than covers the cost of the product. DXP is by far the best conditioner I have ever used.
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Paul Tipping
I purchased a large bottle from your stand at the Toowoomba caravan and camping show after seeing a practical demonstration with water being poured into a DXP mixture and after a couple of seconds the water emulsified and disappeared, seeing this firsthand and hearing the other benefits - I was sold - I have used approximately 4-5 tanks of fuel in my 7 year old diesel Mitsubishi Challenger and all I can say is WOW, what a difference your DXP additive has made, for a start better fuel economy, less soot when you give it a boot full, but the best part is the increase in power, it’s really made a difference, I regularly tow a rather heavy forward fold camper and after a few tanks of fuel + DXP, she pulls the camper along awesome, I totally recommend this product and have also used it in my motorbike to eliminate engine ping when using normal unleaded fuel, in fact I use it not only in my 4WD but also in all of my lawn care equip, very happy customer, have recommended to all of my friends and family and will definitely be buying more when the time comes.

I was skeptical at first but the proof is in the pudding as they say, cheers and well done guys.
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Stephen T
Since purchasing DXP all my farm vehicles and commercial vehicles are performing really well. I purchased an Isuzu truck for the farm which was an ex railway truck with low kilometers but an older truck. When I bought the truck the motor was noticeable doughy and under-performing. Since using DXP the truck is now performing noticeably better. A mate borrowed the truck to get a load of chaff, he commented that it performed better than his later model Isuzu of the same size, also was very pleased with the economy.
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Ian Berryman
I started using this product a few weeks ago and have seen a remarkable increase in performance of my car. I am getting at least an extra 100km per tank of fuel. I drove from Sydney to Brisbane on one tank!! winner.. Love it
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Geoff Rupp, Newcastle
We have used 4 tanks of fuel (140) litres each and used the DXP each time after the initial application on a full tank of 2mls per litr of fuel in our Landcruiser 200 series Sahara fully loaded to our 3.8 tone GVM
I believe at this point the engine does appear to be running smoother towing our 3.5 tone Kedron caravan over the distance of 3,000 km. Fuel consumption has been around 18.5 ltrs per 100 during this time.
We are now back home in Maryborough Qld where we only use the landcruiser for longer trips and or towing our caravan.
So far we are happy to continue using DXP.
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Geoff B
Best additive I've ever used. Quiets my diesel motor dramatically and has it run so much smoother. Power and responsiveness is noticed also.
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Chris Cosmos, QLD
I used it on a tractor that had not really been used for a while before using the additive the engine was not very responsive slow to pick up revs etc. After using the additive it revs up fast now its a different tractor, will start using it in the rest of tractors etc.
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This product is amazing! I won't use anything else now. Not only have I gotten noticably better fuel economy. My 30 year old Troopy is no longer blowing black smoke! So great. I'm so grateful to have found you guys. This is such an awesome product. I highly recommend it to everyone! Thankyou
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Nicki Lee
I have found since using DXP additive in our vehicle we have had better fuel economy and performance. This has been evident while towing our caravan as well. I am now using it in my work vehicle as well with great results. I am very happy with DXP and would recommend it to anyone.
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Owning a VW Polo GTI I didn't think I could get better mileage running on P98. Not only was there more power and response, with the AC running, but I dropped another 0.5L/100k, now consistent around 5L/100. Great product.
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Was a bit sceptical about so called additives but man I couldn't believe how much better my Ranger ran, on an unladen run up and the M1 was getting 8.2 ltrs per/ 100 , overall down and back 8.9, about to tow caravan to Bathurst will get back to you
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We are using DXP in our 36ft Markline which is driven by 2 x TMB40M 165hp Volvo Engines with two by 350ltre tanks. Being an older boat of mid 80’s vintage we are very happy with the performance and the motors seem to be running better than ever with no knocking, lower running temps and no issues with black death or water in the fuel.
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Darrin S
Hi there James and Britt, bought your product mainly for more power whilst towing, 2013 Triton with 2 tonne van. Noticed immediately more power and better response, not better fuel economy, but more than happy with the main results! Thanks: cheers/ good luck it’s a great product
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Robyn B
sooo happy with dxp product, its economical to use, and seems to help with torque supply, i tow a lot and fuel stays clean as well. Servicing is at reccomended intervals with my mechanic telling me fuell filter is really clean at 10 000km of use.
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your DXP additive is making a difference - our fuel consumption has improved and it also feels like the torque has also improved ??

one thing i have noticed is if I forget to add the DXP , the consumption increases ?? - so I think your additive improves performance and thus reduces fuel consumption

I intend to keep using your product.
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John W
We have been using DPX since the Brisbane Camping Show and it has made such a big difference to our motorhome, we purchased two more 1ltr bottles.
We bought our Renault Master based vehicle in Hobart in December and cruised around till we purchased the DPX in June.
The automatic gearchanges were often slow and rough and the engine had a constant diesel knock. After using the DXP the engine was quieter, but the big change was the response of the engine, the engine now kept up with the gearbox changes and the changes are smooth. No more two quick changes down because of loss of momentum on hills. It is hard to judge but feel the vehicle cruises over hills better holding on in 6th gear longer than before. We are sold on your product.
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Peter A.
I recently bought your product at Albury Caravan Show, it seems to be working - it has taken about 5 tank fills but my fuel consumption has dropped almost back to what it was before it went bad. I will keep using this and keep you up to date on my progress
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John w , yarrawonga
My dad recommended this product to me and I have noticed the difference in just a few uses. The tank seemed to last a decent amount longer than normal. Think it's good value and if it's doing something good for my car and the environment can't go wrong :).
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Grace Kennedy
This is been a great product, I use it mainly for the Landcruiser as it spends a fair bit of time dormant (caravan Hauler)
The kids now use the product for their 80 series and triton.

Well worth while!!
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I was impressed with DXP fuel additive, I've been using Diesel Power for some time and initially hadn't noticed a huge difference to DXP... until I left my half full bottle at a Bright service station and had to go back to Diesel Power. I have another bottle now and again I'm very happy with the difference.
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Phill O.