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Steel Shield

Steel Shield High Performance Lubrication

DXP Australia have partnered with Steel Shield Technologies to provide our clients with simple the best option for engine performance, efficiency and protection.

The perfect combination of advanced technologies for optimal engine efficiency that is safe to use and effective. Maintenance costs are reduced, as are downtime & fuel consumption, while improving all-around functional reliability and engine performance beyond the accepted standard.

Serving the industry since 1985 Steel Shield Technologies’ sole purpose is to manufacture premier quality metal treatments, additives and greases that have been tested to exceed the normal parameters of extreme pressure and anti-wear oils and lubricants.

A high performance, full synthetic MULTIGRADE oil for use in Super Cars, Racing/ Modified high powered engines. Specially formulated with the unique Steel Shield ABF Technology provide unsurpassed performance in POWER, SMOOTHNESS RESPONSIVENESS. It provides extra protection to the engine under the most severe conditions

Steel Shield Technologies sets itself apart from others by implementing Advanced Boundary Film Technology (ABF) on metal surfaces to reduce friction, heat and wear, providing the ultimate protection against abrasive metal-to-metal wear in the utmost paramount environments.

Steel Shield Technologies’ mechanism of operation is based upon advanced methods of Tribology that improve lubricity and load carrying capacity.

This, in turn, improves surface characteristics while simultaneously creating a stable chemical Advanced Boundary Film (ABF) on the contacting metal surfaces of whatever equipment to which it is added, or application it is used.

How Steel Shield Technology Works

Adverse affects of Ester or Solid Based Additives