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20L Industrial Container


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Treats up to 40000L at recommended 1ml:2000ml ratio

Supplied with a brass tap and empty dispensing bottles 2 x 1L or as specified (can be of 275ml, 500ml or 1000ml size)

20L Industrial Container DXP premium level fuel enhancement and lubrication technology for commercial & industrial applications that conditions your fuel to be the best it can be for your vehicle. An all in one product concentration that benefits your engine and the environment.

DXP can reduce fuel consumption, saving you money at the bowser; emulsifies and removes moisture; promotes a more even sustained burn rate, improving power and torque; lowers the vehicle emissions and stops black smoke; cleans the fuel system, removing and reducing deposits; lubricates the top end of the engine, reducing wear and extending engine life; supports and enhances Common Rail Systems; deals with DPF issues and can eliminate the burn off required in most vehicles, Reduces engine noise and vibration; removes and eliminates biological growth; extends the life of fuel storage significantly and reduces foaming and collapse time.

How DXP works

Our company is expanding on a National and International scale. Australian ingenuity, Australian Made and Owned


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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 44 cm


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