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500ml Bottle


500ml Bottle that treats up to 1000L fuel.

Easy pour bent spout with measuring chamber for accurate dosage and mess free application

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Treats up to 1000 Litres at recommended 1ml:2000ml ratio

500ml Bent Neck Bottle with reservoir of DXP premium fuel additive, for Petrol & Diesel. Deals with all the common issues related to delivered fuel quality.

Improves fuel efficiency, cleans injectors, lubricates engine, removes moisture, includes a natural Biocide, lowers emissions, Extends engine life and fuel storage life.

500ml Bent Neck Bottle with measured dispensing reservoir for easy application. recommended to apply after filling up for accurate dosage

Suitable for all combustion engines of all ages, perfect for Common Rail Diesel, solves DPF Issues and minimises EGR Blow by deposits.

Contains no alcohols, metals or minerals, completely safe for all engines as an oil based lubricant additive. Conditions fuel only and stays within oem engine specifications so can cause no warranty issues.

Read more about how DXP works here

Australian made and owned with more than 40 years of proven history in the Central West NSW.

A family business committed to providing a quality product that enhances fuel to perform at it’s best potential.

Expanding Australian ingenuity to the world market



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Weight .5 kg

100ml, 250ml, 500mL, 1L, 5L, 10L


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